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Fog Architecture

Digital innovation from the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Tactile Internet and 5G applications is transforming the way we work, commute, shop and play. Data from newly-connected factories, homes, communities, cars, hospitals and other infrastructure devices is expected to grow dramatically from now until 2020. Current “cloud-only” architectures cannot keep up with the volume and velocity of this data across the network, thereby reducing the value that can be created and captured from these investments.

Our architecture to connect devices in IoT is the Fog Architecture which is the missing link in the cloud-to-thing architecture. Our architecture selectively moves compute, storage,
communication, control and decision making closer to the network edge where data is being generated. Fog computing is a horizontal, system-level architecture that distributes computing, storage, control and networking functions closer to the users along a cloud-to-thing continuum.

Our Fog Computing Architecture works with the cloud. We accomplish this in a secure scalable manner.

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